Keenbot - 24/7 serving assistant

Keenbot - 24/7 serving assistant


A helpful 24x7 serving assistant for hotels, restaurants, clubs, offices, food courts, healthcare and more.

Keenbot is an amazing addition to any team and is able to deliver up to 40kg of food and packages to service points or individual tables, rooms or spaces, autonomously.

With fully customisable music and voices, Keenbot will navigate around obstacles and people using market leading obstacle avoidance technology, even politely asking people to let her pass when her way is blocked

How can Keenbot help in a hospitality venue?

Amid staff shortages, restaurant owners are 'fighting over' workers to keep their businesses running

Source ABC News 2022

Today, hospitality venues are struggling to find workers to keep businesses open, and customers happy. This is thanks in part to significantly reduced international students, backpackers and an exodus of staff to other careers during COVID.

Staff shortages effect customer satisfaction, venue reviews and slow down service which in turn, effects table turnover.

Scirocco deployment specialists can deploy Keenbots into any venue, in any location Australia-wide to bolster staff and maintain service levels, thereby keeping business operating smoother and increasing customer satisfaction.

The numbers:

  • From 6am shift start, through to midnight close, one single staff member costs approximately $560.00 in wages.
  • When one staff member calls in sick or doesn’t turn up, already impacted service levels can be hit even harder.
  • One robot can be brought into the team, for as little as $49 a day, with the ability to work 24x7.

4x trays of food can be delivered directly to any table in the restaurant, or to simple drop-off service points around the restaurant, ready for waiters to take and plate meals.

Empty plates are loaded onto the empty robot, and one button pressed sends the robot back to the kitchen for unloading and ready for dispatch for the next run.

Ferrying plates in and out all day or night is no longer required, allowing wait staff to spend 80% more time on the floor with guests to build closer relationships, upsell desserts or wines.

This also allows for faster turnover of tables, meaning higher revenue and profits per day.

In restaurants, clubs and hotels, when deployed correctly, Keenbot can be self-funding almost immediately.

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