Scirocco Technologies is a proudly Australian company, pioneering innovative solutions across IT asset management through to, asset retrieval, secure data destruction, robotics to product breakdown.

About Us

The Scirocco or west wind gave sail to the Arab Dohas as they crossed the mediterranean sea and other navigations to bring trade and commerce from the far east. These winds brought technology and know-how to and from the far reaches of the world. We see ourselves at Scirocco Technologies navigating these same changes today.

We are a premium ITAM IT Asset management and ITAD provider in Australia.

Our range of ITAM services apart from the conventional rollout and implementation of IT assets are Co-Bots (robotic coworkers)

Fundamental to changes in the global workplace is to lift workers' productivity by removing having a Co-Bot help and complete routine tasks and thereby relieving the worker to perform higher duties and or provide a higher level of service and attention to customers or other workers.

Our ITAD services in end-of-life management for devices and IT assets. Our range of priority software and technologies involves full IS0 5377 to achieve data security levels of NV1 and higher. Scirocco's ITAD services include repurposing and recycling assets so they do not end up in landfills. Our repurposing includes the creation of educational opportunities in the digital age for those less fortunate than us. We deploy these repurposed machines to remote Australian communities

We have the skills sets to deal with the smallest hand-held devices right through to national fleets of devices, mainframes and telephony

We can protect your staff and customers